highway safety

We try to achieve and maintain a high level of safety compliance by adopting effective safety management practices.

logistics services

our dedication to service extends through everything we do, meaning our customers are happy, our drivers are happy and our partners are happy.

Drivers & Vehicles

We have some of the finest trucks on the road. Our fleet drivers operate nearly new pro-sleeper or condo cab Freightliner and Volvo tractors.

Our Services

  • Long Haul within Canada
  • Short Haul within Alberta
  • Cross Border Freight to US
  • ┬áDedicated Services
  • Fleet Runs

Providing maximum convenience for customers

Fresh Freight is a moderate choice for outsource

in the trucking industry. Serving customers in a better way and every day is our priority and will remain at all times. We honour our business ethics. We are a family oriented company and respect all with open mind. We dedicate and value both business and personal or family life. We believe in accountability.